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About Contact

About Contact

About Contact Cynthia Mulder and Hiddo

Bed and Breakfast Lodge Cerrito Tropical Taboga creators Cynthia and Hiddo Mulder

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our Bed & Breakfast Lodge Cerrito Tropical on Taboga Island in Panama. In this section About Contact find out a little bit more  us.  Cynthia Mulder and Hiddo Mulder. We are both from small islands but from completely different areas and cultures –  Canada and the Dutch Caribbean. Now we have chosen Panama as our home.

We built our Taboga Island Lodge, Cerrito Tropical on Taboga Island as a small B&B Hotel so our guests could feel at home but yet in the unique atmosphere of Taboga Island. The concept is a Bed & Breakfast Lodge style along with Vacation Apartments for those who wish to enjoy the island during a longer stay. Taboga Island offers a truly historic culture dating back some 500 years. Plus it offers interesting hikes, beaches, kayaking, touring, fishing and an atmosphere where you can completely relax.

Cerrito Tropical Bed and Breakfast. We built with the B & B along with our local construction team. We believe in sustainable tourism and not only hire totally local staff but have begun to grow some of our own fruit and herbs. Our employees are simple, friendly local people.

We are on-hand as much as we can be since our main office is in Panama City where we purchase everything to run Cerrito. When we are not on site our manager and chef (we also have a great restaurant menu with lunch and dinner for our guests), Aristedes, is in charge. They can always reach us by cell phone. Anytime you wish to know more, the contact details are here in this About Contact page.

People arrive as guests, but when they check-out they say goodbye as friends. Having B & B Cerrito Tropical Lodge and meeting our many new found friends has been very rewarding.

The best prescription for Stress Management: Relax and unwind by the beach at Cerrito Tropical Bed and Breakfast Inn on Taboga Island Panama. Travel by scenic Calypso Ferry trip in 1 hour from Panama City. Don´t forget to adopt the local islander´s attitude for life: “No Stress, Amigo!”.

This is your invitation to visit Bed and Breakfast Lodge Cerrito Tropical with our friendly  Taboga Island team, and enjoy this historic gem of an island as much as we do.

Best Tropical Regards!

Cynthia Mulder &  Hiddo Mulder


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Tel: 507-390-8999 Cel: 507-6489-0074
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