Monday, April 23, 2018

Taboga Island Panama!

Taboga Island Hotel, Come Join Us!

Greetings from Taboga Island Hotel Panama, the home of Bed and Breakfast Lodge Cerrito Tropical, our small Taboga Island Hotel/Lodge in Panama where “You´ll Feel at Home with Us.”

Taboga Island Panama!

Join us at Bed and Breakfast Cerrito Tropical Hotel, Taboga Island Panama

On this Taboga Island Hotel site we will give you current information about: General Bed & Breakfast Hotel/Lodge information; Events on Isla Taboga Panama and at B&B Cerrito Tropical; Bed and Breakfast details; our Rates and Specials; Real Estate listings for Taboga Panama; Updates on the Taboga Island Panama Revitalization; News on Taboga Island Panama; What to Do on Isla Taboga Panama; About the Taboga Island Panama Beaches, Hiking-Fishing-Activities, Vacation Tips, and much more…

At Bed & Breakfast Hotel Cerrito Tropical you can vacation on the Pacific Island community in Panama where many Pirates hung out. An amazing history is steeped into the very soul of the island. Pirate Treasure has actually been dug up on Taboga Island!

Relax on our hillside in the ocean view hammock, watch the ships waiting to enter the Panama Canal, enjoy the tropical garden at Cafe-Restaurant Ranchito de Cerrito  while savoring great fresh fish lunches, private BBQ´s or dinners and more. Or take a walk down to the beach. We offer you the best of two worlds the tropical forest and the sea! All in a very relaxed, quiet, location. How could a Pacific-vacation-beach-holiday get any better?

Located just minutes from Panama City by scenic  ferry from Amador Causeway which passes through the mouth of the Panama Canal on its way to Taboga Island Panama. Two different ferry services are now offered.

We invite you to enjoy our webpage – blog and come vacation with us on Taboga Island Panama.

Join us on  Taboga Island Panama!
Cynthia Mulder

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