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More Guest Comments for Cerrito Tropical B&B Hotel

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Frequently, we make special connections with people who stay with us at our B&B Hotel Cerrito Tropical on their vacation… following is an account of one of our most recent connections.

We headed to the post office today for some packages and a special surprise was in the mail! a lovely gift package for Cerrito Tropical from some recent guests. Special southern BBQ spices to add an extra kick to our next BBQ Event!

Here is what they wrote to us in their note:

I hope everything is fine with B&B Cerrito Tropical Hotel and Taboga! We really appreciated the excellent food, quiet atmosphere, and great company during our December visit. The conversations on the balcony were entertaining and interesting! We know you like to cook, and that cooking is a hot topic around Cerrito Tropical in general, so we thought you would enjoy some special southern spices to try out.

Our trip to Panama and especially the vacation days spent on Taboga were very special to us. Taboga enabled us to recharge our batteries and come home with renewed vigor. Long story short, Cerrito Tropical is very special in our hearts.

We both hope to come back next year and see you all while enjoying a relaxing island vacation.

Robert and Barb

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