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Things I discovered while on Taboga Island, Panama

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San-Pedro-Church-Taboga-Island, Iglesia-Isla-Taboga

San-Pedro-Church-Taboga-Island, Iglesia-Isla-Taboga

Things I discovered while on Taboga Island, Panama, by Guest Poster: Tory

The little things I have learned and the ones I have discovered on my own about Taboga, and Cerrito Tropical. Hope it fuels up your desire for adventure!

My first take is on the church… ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Church of San Pedro!

This little church is the second oldest church in this side of the world, I mean, in the western hemisphere. The church is really cute, and it is obvious that they kept the antique vibe, the old benches, the statues of the saints and the art, that can really take you back in time. On Saturday eveningss and Sunday mornings, there is mass, they bang the bell to call the townsfolk to come to the service. From the distance you can hear the voices singing their hymns and after the service is over, the village comes to life with the children playing on the plaza and the parks.

If you look at the image on top of the main door, you will see a statue of Virgen del Carmen, who is the patron and protector of this town. But that one is a whole new story!

Stay tuned for my next take on Taboga: my personal adventure!

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